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School Uniform    

The school uniform is detailed below. We hope that all the children will wear our uniform, as this helps them to feel part of the school.

Winter                Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan            

                             Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore

                             White shirt or polo shirt

Summer                 Grey shorts or  Blue and white checked dresses

                             White shirt or polo shirt

Sweatshirts may be purchased from the school office at a cost of £7.00.

All clothing must be clearly marked with the child’s name.


School shoes be black and of a sensible type for school. Training shoes or fashion shoes should not be worn. Where possible, for younger children, shoes should be of an easy fastening type.  In the summer, open toe sandals are not recommended because of the risk of tripping.  

Back Packs

Due to the limited amount of space we have for storing bags and coats, we request that big back-packs are not used for school.  Reading books should be in a school book bag which can be stored in your child's tray in the classroom or in their locker.  

PE Kit   

All children need a white t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts for PE. These should be brought to school each Monday, and then be available for the rest of the week.  The children will need trainers for outdoor activities.  PE bags are available from the office for £3.50.

We insist that all children change for any PE lessons, and also that they remove PE clothes at the end of the lesson and re-dress in school uniform. The school Health Service regards training in the habit of changing for physical activities as most important for health and hygiene.

For Health and Safety reasons children who wear earrings must remove them for PE and games.  We would prefer that they are left at home on PE days especially as we are advised by the LA not to take out any child’s earrings.  If for any reason the earrings cannot be removed then they should be covered back and front with elastoplast or micropore. If earrings are not removed or covered, then the child will not be able to take part in the activity. We are advised by the LA that for normal school wear, sleepers are not safe and only studs should be worn. In play activities it is very easy for sleepers to be caught, and the ear torn. Advice given to schools is that we should warn parents that children who wear earrings where the point projects behind the butterfly clip, are at risk during normal playtime activities.


Bookbags showing the school name and logo are available from the office at a cost of £6.00.  These are shower-proof bags large enough to carry reading books and library books.

Water bottles

Each child will receive a free water bottle when they start school.  Additional replacement water bottles can be purchased from the office for £1.50.  Water bottles should be brought to school each day filled with water for the children to drink during the school day.


Parents are asked to ensure that children do not bring treasured or valuable possessions such as toys, jewellery or unnecessary money to school. We cannot accept responsibility for these items, and loss or damage is upsetting for all concerned.


For Health and Safety reasons, we ask that children with long hair have it tied back for school. It is much easier for children to work if their hair is not falling over their face. When hair is tied back there is a reduction in head to head contact and therefore the transfer of head lice.


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