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Walsham le Willows is a Voluntary Controlled Primary School, catering for children aged 4 - 11 years.  We have five classrooms, a library and a hall.  The hall is used for PE lessons, for group work, and for lunchtimes.  We have an environmental area containing a pond, wild life area and the opportunity for use as an outside classroom. The area is fenced and locked so children can only gain access with an adult.  We are lucky to be a very well resourced school.

We are fortunate to have large grounds, which consist of a large sports field, grassy play areas, mature trees and a hard play area and wooden play equipment. 

We have raised beds in our grounds and the children are actively involved in planting, growing and harvesting various vegetables. They all enjoy this experience, especially eating their own produce.  We were fortunate enough to have a fifth raised bed provided by the Village Gardens Weekend Committee, allowing access to the gardening area by children in wheelchairs.

Caterpillar Class have their own Astroturf outside area, which includes a playhouse, easels, water and sand trays. It is used as an extension of the classroom whenever possible. Canopy cover also allows free-flow outdoor learning whatever the weather.


The children are supervised by 2 adults during morning playtime. At lunchtime we employ three supervisory assistants who look after the children whilst they are eating lunch, and also look after them during the time after lunch.

Children who travel home on the bus provided by the County Council are always escorted to their transport by an adult. They are seen onto the bus and into their seats.  Seat belts are provided on the school bus and we make sure that they are fastened before the children leave the school grounds. There is not an adult attendant on the bus other than the driver, so it is important that parents make sure that their children are well aware of the need to remain in their seats during the journey. 

Parents and the Community

Parental Help  

We seek an active partnership in the process of education. If you have a particular expertise, or if you just enjoy working with children, please let us know.

Contact with Teachers  

If there is a problem, however small, please come and share it with us. The Head teacher is normally in school by 7.30am each morning, and staff are available from 8.30am. We can also arrange a time for meeting which is convenient to you. If you wish to talk to the Head teacher it is helpful, if possible, to make an appointment but in cases of urgency she will always try to make time for you.

Our doors are very much open, since problems, if left, do not go away, they only become bigger.


We use our local community as much as possible as we believe that we are an important part of the community.  We have close links with the church and a local “Open the Book” team lead assemblies for us on a Monday every fortnight.

Eco Committee

The Eco-Committee involves children from all year groups.  We are currently reapplying to be a Green Flag school.

Child Protection   

We have a policy for child protection, which adopts the LA advice on procedures, and is available for parents to see.  Mrs Hunter is the named, trained person with responsibility for Child Protection. Mrs Ridding is the Governor with responsibility for child protection.

All adults who have contact with the children have a copy of the Child Protection policy and know what action to take if a child makes a disclosure to them. The policy is available in the school office for any parent who wishes to read it.   All staff and governors receive training at least every 3 years to up-date their knowledge on current procedures.



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