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Pupil Premium

Ofsted May 2013 - "Pupil premium funding is spent very effectively on one-to-one support and small group work targeted at the precise next steps in learning for these pupils. As a result, they make rapid progress so that the gap between their achievement and that of other pupils in reading, writing and mathematics is negligible."

The Government document ‘Pupil premium 2017 to 2018: conditions of grant’(PP conditions of grant 2017-18 gives the following information on eligibility for the Pupil Premium grant:

Ever 6 FSM

The pupil premium for 2017 to 2018 will include pupils recorded in the January 2017 school census who are known to have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) since May 2011, as well as those first known to be eligible at January 2017.

Children adopted from care or who have left care

The pupil premium for 2017 to 2018 will include pupils recorded in the January 2017 school census and alternative provision census who were looked after by an English or Welsh local authority immediately before being adopted, or who left local authority care on a special guardianship order or child arrangements order (previously know as a residence order). These are collectively referred to as post-LAC in these conditions of grant.

Ever 6 service child

For the purposes of these grant conditions, ever 6 service child means a pupil recorded in the January 2017 school census who was eligible for the service child premium since the January 2011 census as well as those recorded as a service child for the first time on the January 2017 school census.

Proposed Pupil Premium Spend 2017/2018

Total Funding: £26,886 (based on 2/3 of 2017/2018 allocation for Autumn and Spring terms and 1/3 of projected 2018/2019 for Summer term)




 Expected Impact

Additional support teacher


Developing skills and knowledge for all pupils, including the disadvantaged.

Increase confidence and nurture positive learning behaviours.

Organise and deliver additional support sessions across the school. This will ensure that the school meets the needs of every child through personalised planning and assessment.

Ensure that all pupils, including the disadvantaged, are able to access and participate in whole class teaching.

100% of Y2 pupils to achieve Expected Standard in Reading, Writing and Maths.  100% of Y2 pupils to make at least good progress.

100% of Y1 pupils to pass the Phonic Screening Test.

66% of all pupil premium children are currently working at Age Related Expectations.

Intervention Support TA


Lunchtime club to support children with emotional and behavioural needs. Increase confidence, raise self-esteem and nurture positive learning behaviours.  Ensure that supported pupils are able to access the afternoon learning.

Identified pupils make at least good progress and have a positive attitude to learning.

66% of all pupil premium children are currently working at Age Related Expectations.

Pupil perceptions show high levels of understanding and pride in their progress and achievements.

Additional resources


Accelerated Reader £1,451

Accelerated Maths £1,451

Reading books £250

Additional resources for all children in KS2

Comprehension skills improved through regular quizzing on Accelerated Reader.  Children are able to access a wider range of quality texts.  Accelerated Maths allows immediate intervention through pre and post teaching for children who didn’t achieve in the lesson. 

Violin Lessons


Equal opportunities for all pupils to participate in enriched activities.

Pupils learning new skills.

Raised self-esteem.

Daily Milk


Milk provided to all Pupil Premium pupils.

Children are provided with a healthy and balanced diet through school lunches and daily milk.

Contribution to educational visits

£500 Autumn term

Enriched curriculum opportunities and fostering an appreciation of the wider world (British values, curriculum including RE).

Children are experiencing visits  that develop their understanding of their culture and world.

Increased mental health through positive opportunities to try new activities or places.

School Uniform


Purchase of school uniform

Children feel equal to peers and proud of belonging to their school.

Curriculum Enrichment


Provision of English curriculum enrichment activity for Y6 pupils

Children to experience performance opportunity at The Apex for their parents and other peers

Kingswood Residential Trip contribution


Support to parents to meet the costs of the residential trip in Y4 and Y6 (France) to ensure equal opportunity for all pupils.

Children attending the residential trip with their peers – developing team-building, independence and leadership skills.

Children exploring and experiencing new activities.

Year 5 whole class music lessons


Opportunity to learn to play an instrument, including composition and performance.

Children to perform at The Apex in the summer term.  Children show great pride in their achievements.

Total Budget: £26,886  Current projected spend £22,317


Pupil Premium Spend 2016 / 2017

Total amount of Pupil Premium : £27,580 (14% of children)

Barriers to learning:

Low self esteem

Additional learning difficulties

Limited parental involvement and support at home

Outcomes for planned expenditure:

Raised self esteem leading to a greater level of “Readiness to learn”

Targeted support for children with additional learning difficulties to decrease the difference in attainment between Pupil Premium children and non Pupil Premium

Breakdown of spending:

Training:       Catch up literacy £395

                        SALT  £250

                        Talk for Writing £1,159

                        Draw / Talk Therapy £180

                        1stClass@Writing £455

                        ELKLAN £750

                        ELSA £645

TOTAL:           £3,834

Staffing:        Lunch time club: £807

                        Additional staffing: £10,365

TOTAL:           £11,172

Resources:  Welcomm Pack £404

                        Emotional literacy books £239

TOTAL:           £643

External Support:   Educational Psychologist £1122    

TOTAL:           £1,122

Trips, clubs, uniform etc:       £5,191

TOTAL SPEND:                    £21,962

Impact of spending:

Pupils make good progress in line with their peers.  This is evidenced in their work and teacher assessments.  Targeted interventions work well to help decrease the difference in attainment between groups.

KS2 2016: 67% achieved the expected standard in reading and writing, 33% in maths.

KS1 2016: 33% achieved the expected standard in reading and maths.

67% achieved the expected standard in the phonic screening test in Year 1.


The pupil premium for 2015/2016 was £23,278.  This was used to: 

  •  Subsidise school trips (particularly residential trips) £2889
  • Fund music lessons £360 
  • 1:1 and small group targeted intervention programmes in literacy and maths, SENCo training, additional hours for TAs to set up and run intervention programmes £12,450
  • One free after school club each term £912
  • A free set of school uniform each September (jumper, waterbottle, book bag, PE bag)
  • Resources £319

Your child will be able to get free school meals if you receive any of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Income related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit, as long as you do not get a Working Tax Credit  and have an annual income (as assessed by HM Revenues & Customs) that does not exceed £16,190
  • If you are supported under Part IV of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Working Tax Credit during the four-week period immediately after your employment finishes or after you start to work less hours per week.

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