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Friday 28th

We hope the children all sleep well tonight! They have been a delight to take on the trip - we have told them they have been the best group we've ever had! Special thanks to Mrs Thomas and Mr Cahill without whom the trip wouldn't have been possible. Have a good weekend!


Thursday 27th

The children all slept well and woke at 6am raring to go. The day is bright and sunny but chilly, but no rain or wind yet. They have all had breakfast and are getting ready for a full day of activities. Check later for an update!


Another busy day is coming to a close. The children have all done go-karting, archery, zip wire and of course the beach. The rain stayed away and the children have all been incredibly well behaved. We head towards the end of the day with a night walk along the cliffs before hot chocolate and bedtime. We are very proud of all of them!

Friday 21st April.

The children have all been reminded about packing warm clothes for the trip - please make sure they have lots of layers and a warm coat.  Happy packing!

Wednesday 26th April

•Come to school in own clothes.

•All bags to be taken to the hall.

•Any medication to be clearly labelled and handed to Mrs Hunter. 

•Spending money (£5 maximum) to be in a labelled purse / envelope and handed to Mrs Hunter.

•Early lunch – hot school dinner recommended.

•Coach leaves around 12.15pm.

Friday 28th April

•Leave Kingswood at 1.30pm after a hot lunch.

•Return to school approximately 3.30pm.

•Please ensure we have the most up-to-date contact details in case of an emergency or delay on the way home.


Minimum Packing List

•Toiletries – soap, shampoo, flannel, hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste etc

•Pair of shorts

•2 x Jumpers / hoodies / sweatshirts

•3 x long sleeved shirts for activities (old – they might get muddy!)

•3 x long trousers for activities (old - they might get muddy!)

•Spare clothes for evening activities – trousers, t-shirts, sweatshirts

•3 x changes of underwear

•Waterproof clothing – jacket and trousers if possible

•Sturdy shoes

•Pair of old trainers for activities

•Large plastic bag for dirty clothes

•Gloves and hat

•2 x bath towel

•Suncream and sunglasses


•ALL items of clothing and toiletries should be clearly named.  PLEASE do not send “best” clothes as there is a possibility that they will get muddy and wet.

•Please do not allow your child to bring mobile phones or other valuables (such as iPods, cameras, games, jewellery etc) as they will spoil the enjoyment of the 3 days if they get lost or broken.  Disposable cameras are allowed but should be named.

A water bottle is needed for them to take to the beach.  A small backpack is also useful but not essential.

•For further information, visit the Kingswood website at www.kingswood.co.uk


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