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Welcome to Walsham le Willows CEVC Primary School.

Aims of the School

Walsham le Willows Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School is a caring school where the children are happy and do well.  Our Mission Statement is “With God's Blessing, we learn together by encouraging each other to do the best we can.”

*      We promote a learning partnership involving all staff, parents / guardians and governors in working for the benefit of the children.

*      We promote moral, spiritual and cultural understanding and awareness of the needs of a diverse society.

*      We provide the support, encouragement and challenge that will enable every child to achieve at their highest possible level.

*      We set learning targets that are challenging yet attainable and can be used to monitor each child’s progress.

*      We recognise and celebrate pupil achievement using praise to support individual development.

*      We encourage children to develop their independence, work co-operatively and have high expectations of themselves and others, academically and socially.

*      We maintain and develop the school buildings and grounds to provide a safe, sustainable and stimulating environment for all.

*      We recognise the school is an important part of the wide community and will continue to support links with local people, organisations and businesses.

These aims are reflected in all our school policies.

Promoting British Values

Mutual Respect and Tolerance.  Respect is a value which is discussed with the children, starting from self-respect and covering respect for family, respect for others, respect for the world and it's people and respect for the environment (as seen in our Green Flag award).  Respect is covered in collective worship, in RE, in PSHE and in our school values.  Children's behaviour is outstanding.  They can say why respect is important and how they can show it to others.  Children learn about different faiths and cultures in RE and in collective worship, developing an understanding and tolerance for different faiths and cultures.  This can  be seen in our Silver Linguamarque award.

Democracy.  Children learn to be democratic when discussing respect and fairness.  Through observations around the school and in classrooms, the children are seen to co-operate with each other and to take turns.  The Eco Committee and the School Council allows children to express their views and discuss with other children.

Rule of Law.  The children are all involved in setting the school rules at the start of the year and in developing the rules in their classrooms.  They can talk about why we have rules and know that their actions have consequences.  We have visitors from the community who lead assemblies and classroom sessions with the children e.g. local PCSO, school nurse, local hospital.  They learn about how people have to follow rules in everyday life.

Individual Liberty.  The children are encouraged to be independent learners and to express their views. They understand about accepting responsiblity and this is seen through the many roles that they take across the school, especially the children in Years 5 and 6.  Success and achievement are celebrated through Achievement Assembly and through "Star of the Week" which reflects actions as well as ability.

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